Monday, August 27, 2012

Screen Porch Progress

A week has gone by and Ryan has made so much progress on the screen porch.
Ryan MADE these steel turnbuckle supports himself! I'm so proud of him.

installing the first rod and turnbuckle set-1 of 3

They look awesome!

more demolition-removing the soffit to make room for the porch door

notice the white column to the right of Ryan...

That was fun!

woah! There's no column anymore! It took me a while to realize this haha

the new door frame

where the column use to be

Ready for a screen door

and our lucky horseshoe is up!

Did I mention he finished the roof decking this weekend too?

The new roof tied in above the old garage roof.

ceiling and turnbuckles!

Pretty soon we'll be sitting out here.
We are having a new roof put on our house this week...then comes the railings/screen/trim/doors/fan. so close!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Screen Porch

Ryan has made A LOT of progress on the screen porch since I made the construction page. We have so many projects going on...yes I can hear the all familiar sound of the air compressor as I type...So here's a quick look into the progress...

Being a good helper
Decking is done and framing has begun!

Where Ryan had to tie into the roof for the framing.

caught in the frame...hah

View from other side

I love it already, thank you Ryan!!!

We are blessed to have amazing friends to come help us on the hard part! Thank you Rob!

and Andrew!

Even Claire Bear got her paws in on the action <3

Looking good babe! Roof framing is almost done.