Monday, October 29, 2012

I love rocking chairs!

I haven’t updated in a while because we have been so busy working on projects! When the blog is slow….the house is busy!!! This was me and my husband’s first time going to the Endless Yard Sale and it was awesome. We found some pretty cool things for great prices…needless to say, we were in heaven! I found these 2 really beat up old rocking chairs that needed some love…

I managed to talk the guy down to $15 for both!!! Score!

The bottoms had rotted ply-wood with a foam/spring vinyl seat which was pretty gross. 

Some parts of the legs and back were chipped and they tried to fix it back together with great stuff. We made a template from the old bottom and replaced it with a fresh new piece of plywood. 

I scraped/sanded down the wood and got all the great stuff off; then just used good ‘ol wood glue and clamps to put it back together. 

At first I thought I wanted to cushion the seats again…but since they were going outside on the porch I chose not to. And then I thought about painting the plywood but thought painted plywood might not look too great. So I just chose a really cute chevron fabric and covered the plywood using my beloved staple gun. Then I bought some clear vinyl, medium thickness (found in the fabric section) to cover on top of the fabric.
I loved the natural worn look of the wood so I just left that be, no paint needed for this project!
And here they are:

The vinyl makes them much more durable and so easy to clean! Don’t have to worry about stains or rain water-they just wipe right off!

Rocking chair find #2: I wanted an upholstered comfy rocking chair for the living room and found one at a thrift store for $15.
Let me rewind…this was my inspiration, from Anthropologie:
and it cost a ridiculous amount of money.

 So when I found this one I was really excited.

 I didn’t care for the red shiny cherry finish, and the rocker part was really chewed up on the front and back, so I sanded the entire chair down…(I feel like I am always sanding!) 

after sanding-everything is smooth with no chew marks
 Then I just brushed it with some Minwax Kona stain that I already had. It gave it a darker flat finish, which is what I wanted. 
 I found some affordable Ikat fabric at JoAnn's that I fell in love with and had it reupholstered for next to nothing and they did a fantastic job! I had buttons made and added to the back cushion of the rocker for some definition and detail. Here's how it turned out: 

That's all my rockers...and there's more projects to come, bye for now! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh that rocker looks awesome. love the fabric!