Monday, March 25, 2013

Firewood Rack

Our home has two front doors, which is a little odd, but that’s just one of the many cute little quirks of owning an old house. One of the front doors is the obvious, main front door that goes into the foyer. The other door is off the den where our fireplace is. (Neither of these doors get used as front doors-everyone comes in the garage and back door. That’s okay, that just means we have great close friends and family!) The sole purpose of our den front door is to store firewood for the fireplace. It’s so convenient to open it up and be able to grab a couple of logs sitting right there. The front door opens up onto a little covered front porch area, so the wood stays dry as well. The only thing is the neat stack of firewood very quickly becomes a disheveled pile of wood and bark that looks messy from the street, not to mention the mess that gets tracked into the house. (There's usually more wood than this but we just had a fire..seeing that it's still snowing!! <sigh>)

 Ryan’s idea and fix? Weld up a firewood rack of course!  We bought a ton of scaffolding off Craigslist to build the porch and have several odd pieces left over, which is what Ryan used to make it. Here are the two pieces of scaffolding that he used. 

 They were chipped, rusted, old and basically thrown over our stone wall for trash. Trash to treasure…since Ryan has recently gotten into welding I should start a section called reclaimed metal…
He cut some pieces out of the middle, then he welded it all together basically making a regtangular frame…<insert magic sparks flying here> .  He flipped it over so it has legs and isn’t sitting on the ground; which will be ideal for keeping bugs and things from getting under the wood. The only input I had in this was to spray paint it a flat black to make it look more finished. And here it is:

a much neater stoop!
He’s pretty creative himself…It’s a great feeling to reuse a piece of “junk” you already have and make it into something new, better, practical or a piece of art. I challenge you to do the same ~ modern recycling.

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  1. HIO Firewood Rack from Bizarkdeal

    First off what I want to say is that this large firewood rack by HIO fits a lot more wood than I first expected it to. It comes in 4 pieces with all the components you need to put it together except for tools. It comes in two sides and two bottom pieces which are 5 foot long. It took my fiance about 10 minutes maybe to put this together, but he use a socket wrench to make it easier. It is very thick quality metal with a very beautiful black finish on it which looks very nice and allows you to nicely stack your firewood. One thing I have to say about this is the fact that it since it does not come with a cover so it would be best to use indoors as you don't want to get your firewood wet if you live in a rainy area. Would be perfect for keeping firewood neatly stored in a garage. However you could also buy a firewood rack cover for it so you can use it outdoors as well (which is what I plan on doing). I did look for a cover for it online, and I see lots of covers. However usually they come in increments of 4 feet and 8 feet in length so this 5 foot steel firewood rack is a little bit of an odd man out when it comes to size, and therefore harder to find a cover for. I like the fact that you can move it like a few inches away from your wall so that you can make sure mold doesn't grow behind it. And it is rather thin so it can lean against a wall and not seem to take up too much space. You do have to have wood that is cut a specific length to fit on the rack however, (too short and it will fall through) what I did was use larger pieces of wood at the bottom and then stacking smaller pieces of wood on the top. Definitely think this is a quality product, and well worth the money, I just wish that it came with a cover.