Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Laundry Room

We just went from one giant construction project to the next here without really taking a minute to breathe. From the screen porch to starting the laundry room, we really are starting to make this house our home. It’s amazing to see the imprint previous owners have made on this house and how we are molding it to fit our desires. The house never had a laundry room; which is hard to believe this day and age, but I guess in the 1960’s it wasn’t a desirable room to have like it is now.  

We have a double car garage and two closets off the garage. Both of them are a good size and share the same wall as the screen porch. The closet nearest shares a wall with the kitchen and is where the washer and dryer are. The door from the garage goes into the kitchen and this entrance is used more than the front door. Also that door into the kitchen is right in the middle of the wall, so there’s no space for a kitchen table; making one whole corner of the kitchen completely wasted space. We use to have a chair in that corner. The most exciting and best solution for having a laundry/mudroom in the house and making the kitchen space more usable was to open up the closet to the kitchen and finish it out. Here are some pictures of what the kitchen and closet off the garage looked like before: 

kitchen wall with garage door entrance

where the laundry room door will be (new entrance)

Washer on one side of garage closet
A HUGE side project, moving the electrical panel. It was conveniently placed right where we needed to put the door. So we got a larger panel and moved it to the garage. Larger panel=hot tub being able to be hooked up! yeahhhhh!!! one project leads to another, leads to another...leads to

Dryer on the other side of garage closet
The window in the closet looks out over the screen porch, so we took that window out and put a door there. Now we will have access to the porch without having to go outside.

window out onto porch
framing it for the door!
framing the floor!
Time for demolition, after the electrical panel was moved, floor put in and exterior doors to garage and screen porch were installed. So fun!
Just a lil scary knocking a hole in your house!
He did so good!

All framed out and it's night time now...big day

bye bye old entrance!
You can also see in the above picture the door going out onto the screen porch. We sheet rocked where the old door out to the garage use to be. Put in insulation in the laundry room and kitchen, and the washer and dryer are on the same side now. 

Another laundry room update soon to come as hubby is already making more progress as we speak! 

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