Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crate Shelves

As with any new house, we have a blank canvas to work with. We have a fireplace in our kitchen, so I wanted to create a reading nook. In the previous post, we made the stump table to go next to the comfy overstuffed chair in the kitchen and the nook was started! I wanted a book shelf for the empty wall on the right side and I love this look:
To buy these shelves made are really expensive and I saw similar posts on other blogs where they made them out of crates premade from JoAnns. This too is expensive b/c the crates are $12 a pop, cheap balsa-type wood, poorly made and small. So it's a lot of money for not good quality.

So what do the hubs and I decide? Make them ourselves from old wood, of course! We went on a search for palettes for a couple of weeks and found these baby's!
 A whole truck load of palettes! Jack pot! They were well worn and had lots of nails. We took them all apart and took the nails out. They left behind rusty nail holes which gave the wood a neat rustic look. So now we have a pile of long pieces of wood.
We made the crates two different sizes so they would stack evenly and we would be able to mix match some vertical and some horizontal. Instead of all the crates being horizontal like the picture above. Ryan figured up a cut list and started cutting away...
As he was cutting, I started staining. We chose Kona by Minwax. It was A LOT of wood to stain. 
The only wood we had to buy was for the ends of the crates. We bought three 1x12's.  And here's all the wood laying out to dry after staining and one crate made.
 Now for the fun part! Assembling the rest of the crates: one vertical and one horizontal done.
and 13 crates later...we are done!
The only thing left to do is screw them together to secure them and bring it in the house to decorate! 
And here it is:
We love them and I'm constantly re-arranging them for a different look. It's a great place for cook books, books, keys and little treasures!
And a close up:  
Total cost: around $50 for stain and 3 pieces of wood!
What do y'all think?

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