Thursday, May 17, 2012

dock coffee table

Hey y'all! Ryan and I have really gotten into this re-claimed wood thing and are having so much fun with it. It's amazing what you can make out of something that looks unsalvageable. We were out kayaking on the river and found a piece of a dock that floated away and been abandoned for a long time and I thought it would make the coolest coffee table. Ryan was on board (get it?) and the salvaging began! Getting is home was the tricky part b/c it was SO heavy and hard to tow...but we managed!
We got it home and had to take out all the icky styrofoam which was growing trees in it!
  We took all the boards off the top to get rid of the rusty bolts and cut off the bottom steel to give it legs. Then used a wire wheel to clean the steel (it too was covered in gunk and rust). To finish off the steel frame we sprayed a clear coat of Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel. And sanded the boards down to get rid of all the splinters. 
We re-stained the wood with a coat of semi-transparent wood stain for $5. (at Ace Hardware, in their paint section, they have clearance cans of paint and stains that's been returned mainly b/c people didn't like the color). Ryan added some stainless steel feet with rubber stoppers so the steel frame wouldn't scratch up the stone.

...and here it is done! 

now we have an awesome, functional outdoor coffee table/bench that is pretty much in-destructible!
Total cost of project: $19
$5 on stain
$4 Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel
$10 on feet 


  1. ummmmmmmmmmm this is hilarious. I hope you waved at everyone when you boated past them draggin that thing.