Sunday, July 8, 2012

China Hutch

My Meme gave me her china hutch from when her and my Papa were first married. She still uses the dining room table, but the hutch was down in the basement. With her permission of course, I gave it a little makeover! 

Here is the hutch before: 

 The hutch was definitely used and well loved, it had a couple of places that were chipped (you can kinda see on the front corner in the picture above) and the legs were a little scratched up. 
The two pieces are separate, so I took them apart and primed both of them (instead of sanding). I used Kilz odorless primer.  The vinyl strip came off the front, so we filled it in the wood filler. Same with all the chips on the both pieces. After the wood filler dried (the next day) I sanded it down to smooth it out/make it even with the rest of the wood.

After priming, I painted both pieces white and the back of the shelves/sides of the drawers teal. The white I used was: Ace Essence, Satin, Casablanca
The teal I used was: Clark and Kensington, Turquoise Bay
and here it is all finished!

I painted a heart around a pretty piece of the wood grain to show the original :)

I am soooo excited about the way it turned out, I love it!
Thank you, Meme. 

Hutch: priceless
Primer: already had 
Quart of teal paint-Free (promo deal coupon from Ace Hardware)
Gallon of white paint: around $20
Total Cost: around $20 (however much the white paint was)

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