Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kitchen Chalkboard

In our kitchen we have a fireplace with a long brick wall and I needed something to break up the space. Big chalkboards are so much fun and I thought it would be great for the kitchen to write notes on. I found this old dresser mirror at Goodwill for $10 and figured I could do something with it, plus I loved the size of it.

I took the mirror out and flipped it over. So I painted the chalkboard paint on the backside of the mirror (if I ever want to use the mirror side as a mirror I can). Before painting the frame I had to sand it to get the finish off, so the paint would stick/not scratch off. First I painted the mirror blue (with a paint sample I already had)...

 But I didn't like the way the blue looked in the kitchen at all. I have a lot of earthy tones in there, green, burnt orange, red, I decided to paint the mirror green. On the left is the mirror painted with chalkboard paint. It took two coats to really cover it well. This is the chalkboard paint I used and it's great quality:

...and here it is finished and hanging :) It breaks up the brick wall and it's so fun to write on too! (I think my husband has written on it more than I have!)

Dresser Mirror: $10
Chalkboard Paint: $10.97 at Home Depot
Sample Paint-Jade Romanesque: $3.00 at Ace Hardware
Total Cost: $23.97

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